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Free Online Dating Sites

Do free online dating sites still exist? There are many ways to look at this and the truth is that there are not many of them out there, but there are still a few.
Most online dating sites are free to join, but as soon as you actually want to contact someone you have to pay a monthly fee to do so.
Here is the trick to one free online dating site that can work for you.
Craigslist has free personals and if you use them correctly you can find the right person for you.
They are a local free online classified site that have listings for all types of things.
You can find a date, a bed, a wedding ring, a honeymoon package, and so much more just by using craigslist.
Dating is tricky and online dating is even trickier so here is what you do.
When you go to post to craigslist you have to understand that you will get some responses that are crap.
You will get responses from people trying to market their websites to you and you need to avoid these.
Everybody gets them and just delete them from your email and move on.
You will know because these will be the responses that say something like if you like what you see go to this website and contact me.
Your posting needs to be only about a paragraph or two long.
Just give a little bit about yourself and some of the important criteria for your potential dates.
If you are looking for only Christians, then state that.
If you only like very petite women or an athletic man, then state that.
This will ensure that you get responses that are fit to you and not responses that you are going to want to pull your hair out over.

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