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How to Restore Luster to Porcelain Tile

    • 1). Sand the surface of each porcelain tile with the power sander and aluminum oxide sandpaper. Move the sander in a consistent direction over the tiles, sanding each one separately. Don’t sand the grout between them. Sand until the sheen on the tiles is slightly dulled.

    • 2). Wipe off the dust with a tack cloth.

    • 3). Use your finishing paintbrush to brush on a thin coat of polyurethane gloss over the tiles. Gloss each tile individually, keeping the brush strokes in one consistent direction. Don’t gloss the grout lines.

    • 4). Allow the polyurethane to dry for 12 hours.

    • 5). Hand-buff the dried polyurethane with extra-fine standard sandpaper in short, quick strokes. Sand just enough to de-gloss the surface. Wipe off the dust with the tack cloth.

    • 6). Brush on a second layer of polyurethane and let it dry for 12 hours. Hand-sand it, then clean with the tack cloth.

    • 7). Apply a third layer of polyurethane. Let it set for 24 hours.

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