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Goal Setting Process That Is Fast And Easy

The proper goal setting process can really help you to achieve and fulfill your dreams and aspirations if you take the time to learn and apply it in your everyday life.
Many people will take the time to reflect back at the end of the year and realize that they have not accomplished most of the things that they have set out to for the year.
One of the main reasons this happens is because most people do not make a habit of setting goals or if they do they do not know the proper process for setting goals to get results.
Over your life time this really has an impact as to what you do or do not do for yourself and your wants and needs.
The proper way to set goals for yourself all starts with having a heart to heart discussion with yourself and reflecting inwardly and determining what you want each part of your life to be like in the areas of your relationships, finances, health and professionally.
You really need to identify how each of those areas is now and what exactly you would ideally like them to become.
One of the best ways to do this is to get into the habit of setting some time aside to sit quietly and reflect inwardly so that you can internalize that for yourself.
The problem is we are not taught to take time to reflect within ourselves so this may seem awkward at first.
The best thing is to set aside a certain time in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
Take a couple blank sheets of copy paper and on one of them write out where you are now with those specific areas.
Write out what you like and do not like about those areas of your life.
Then write out on another piece of paper what you would like to change about those areas of your life and why you want those changes.
Then you also want to set a realistic time that you can accomplish your goal.
The goal setting process is meant to do a couple of things one it gets you to really reach inside of yourself and be aware of the different areas of your life and two by taking your thoughts out of your heard and writing them down it is the first step to bringing them into action.
This way they are no longer just a thought in your mind.
When you can physically see them written out on paper it becomes a personal contract with yourself a true commitment.
When you write out the reason why you want this change for yourself this is what will motivate you to achieving it.
Putting a time frame on your goal helps you to stay committed to getting things done by that specific date.
You want to keep this out in the open where you will be able to read it and keep track of the goals that you are setting for yourself otherwise you will forget about them and not reach them.

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