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How to Attract the Gemini Astrological Man

Gemini men can be very hard to handle.
They are not often passionate and can seem cold and calculating.
They are attracted to women more on the intellectual level.
If you date a Gemini man, you may be in for quite a lot of disputes, because he will want answers to everything.
He has a tendency to be a know-it-all, and is anything but humble.
He will try to turn any situation to his advantage.
The older he is, the better he is.
Another bad habit Gemini men sometimes have is that they will tell you all about the women they've been with before.
The good news is that many times, this is just talk.
You'll also find that he won't shower you with affection.
Gemini men have their good traits too.
They are very adaptable, and can easily adjust to new situations.
Gemini men are very good advisors to the women they are with, as they are intelligent and intuitive.
They can be very charming and are often blunt about their feelings; they're convinced that important things don't need to be said.
You won't have to worry about possessiveness or jealousy.
Gemini men are very tender with their lovers.
He will try his best to make you happy, as these men want to be the very best in your eyes.
While it's best to date Gemini who are a bit older, any Gemini man will love to show his woman that he loves her through the actions that he takes.
If you want to win the heart of a Gemini, you have to be willing to communicate.
It's been said repeatedly that a relationship must have communication, but with a Gemini, it's essential.
Be aware that Gemini men will discuss anything.
It's best if you are up to date on events because he will be.
You have to give him his freedom as well as have much patience with him.
Geminis love to flirt, and it's an aspect of them that just should be ignored because as long as he knows you're interested in him, he will never stray.

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