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How to Troubleshoot Rosetta Stone

    • 1). Make sure your computer's hard drive has at least 500 MB of space remaining in its memory. This ensures that the Rosetta Stone software has enough room to completely install on your computer.

    • 2). Keep Rosetta Stone open during the entire installation process, from the time Rosetta Stone first opens on your computer until you receive the confirmation that the program is installed. Closing Rosetta Stone or canceling the installation before it is complete can cause program errors.

    • 3). Update your Rosetta Stone software when a new version comes out. Updates are available on Rosetta Stone's website, under the "Support" tab.

    • 4). Take the appropriate steps to deal with error 2123 according to your operating system. This error will occur when you are trying to start the program, and it will not allow you to go past the opening screen. For Windows Vista or Windows 7 programs, completely restart your computer; this will normally fix the trouble. For Mac users, Rosetta Stone's updated version will only run on Mac OS X operating systems version 10.4 or higher. If you receive this message on that operating system or while using Windows XP, contact Rosetta Stone support via their website.

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