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Nokia C2-01 Is Branded As An Affordable Business Phone That Is Also Feature Rich

The incredible growth of 3G in the past few years has led to a number of new phones coming with 3G support.
Previously, they used to be offering only GPRS and EDGE support, but these technologies are now considered to be primitive.
3G seems to be the way forward and even many low-cost mobile phones are coming with 3G support.
Nokia, though, is certainly not a low cost mobile phone manufacturer and it is for this reason that many low-end models of Nokia have not featured 3G option in the past.
Now, though, Nokia has launched its latest phone and it will become the cheapest Nokia phone with a 3G option.
It is the new Nokia C2-01, which has just been launched by the company.
Nokia is the company that broke the norms that are low cost mobile phone should not be looking good.
The company has once again broken the barriers with the launch of the Nokia C2-01, which is an extremely pleasant looking phone from any angle.
It is a normal phone with a display and a traditional keypad.
There is not a thing that is revolutionary, but the way that everything seems to be put to make the package seems excellent.
Nokia has once again proved that it is the King of low-cost mobile phones.
The display used in the Nokia C2-01 is a 2 inch display and uses the TFT display technology.
This reason that is capable of being supported by this display 240 x 320 pixels, which is more than good for a phone in this price range.
One can store up to 2000 entries in this phone book and it will certainly please every single person who is hunting for a phone that will enlarge the phone book memory.
Even though the internal memory of the phone is only 43 MB, there is the possibility of inducing more memory by using memory cards of up to 16 GB.
The real master piece of this phone is in the connectivity department and it uses 3G connection for the first time in such a low cost phone from Nokia.
The 3G connection option in the Nokia C2-01 can support download speeds of up to 384 kb per second, which may not sound too good initially, but considering the budget of the phone, it is almost unbeatable.
Also, the presence of a 3.
2 megapixel camera is really something to be astonished about since this is the camera specification that can even match the mid-range mobile phone segments.
There is also video recording option to go along with it, even though it can record videos only in the QVGA resolution at 15 frames per second.
One of the best features of low-cost Nokia phones is the battery life and even though the phone uses only a 1020 mAh battery, which provides a starting talk time of nearly 9 hours in the 2G mode.
This is probably the first £60 phone in the UK to be having 3G connectivity features when it is available for sale.

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