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How to Find Veterans That Need Help for Christmas

    • 1). Navigate to the website of the Department of Veterans Affairs. This website is the official public portal for information regarding veterans rights, benefits and aid. To volunteer at a VA sponsored shelter or clinic, or to donate directly, fill out the online form and a representative will contact you in order to arrange your service.

    • 2). Construct a list of potential organizations to volunteer with. The VA website maintains a "Directory of Veterans Service Organizations" and is an excellent place to start looking for organizations that provide services that suit your talents and abilities. Searching will turn up a variety of other options as well, such as DAV Charitable Service Trust which allows you to transport disabled veterans to and from VA medical centers. In some cases, like that of the Veteran Aid website, all that is requested for help is spreading the message that the service is available.

    • 3). Contact an organization to schedule your service time, or arrange your donation. Nearly all of the organizations affiliated with increased benefits and aid to veterans have a website. If there is no direct information on how to volunteer, call or send an email to the listed contact information. The DAV Charitable Service Trust website has a "Voluntary Services" section which details how they help disabled veterans, as well as a "Volunteer Opportunities" page explaining how someone like you can help their cause. In most cases, organizations will request that you email regarding your intent to volunteer.

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