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How to Celebrate a 30 Year Anniversary

    • 1). Write a love letter to your spouse that lists 30 things you love about him. Leave it in a nice envelope addressed to him and put it in a conspicuous place, such as the on bathroom sink, kitchen table or by the keys to his car.

    • 2). Send her sweet peas. The anniversary flower is the sweet pea. Have a florist put together some sweet peas and other flowers to send to her at home or at work. You can even put together a bouquet yourself and hand-deliver the flowers instead.

    • 3). Buy pearls or diamond jewelry. The traditional anniversary gift is something with pearls, whether it's a necklace, ring or bracelet. The modern anniversary gift is something with diamonds. Remember to only buy them if you can afford them. Don't go into debt purchasing them.

    • 4). Go to dinner and a movie or concert. Pick out a favorite restaurant and let the staffers know it's your anniversary. If the restaurant is told that you are celebrating a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, the staff will sometimes throw in a free dessert. After dinner, go to a movie or a concert. You can buy your movie tickets online or at the box office. If planning to go to a concert, buy your tickets ahead of time.

    • 5). Spend an evening at home. Plan a romantic dinner for two. Set the table with a nice tablecloth, fancy China and nice silverware. Create the romantic mood with some lighted candles and soft music. Prepare a meal or order takeout if you don't have confidence in your cooking. Have something special for dessert. After dinner and dessert, turn on your wedding video and relive your wedding day again. Look through your wedding scrapbook if you have one.

    • 6). End the evening intimately. Slip into something sexy for your spouse and turn on some romantic music. Keep the lights dim and give your spouse a meaningful and passionate kiss and tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate him. Celebrate the fact that you've been married for 30 years.

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