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How to Make Cuffs Out of a Rope

    • 1). Measure the diameter of your wrist. Roll a scrap piece of fabric to make it equal in diameter to your wrist. Insert sewing pins to help the fabric roll maintain its form.

    • 2). Cut a long piece of rope. Cut at least 24 to 30 inches of rope. You can trim the rope later if necessary.

    • 3). Pin one end of the rope to the fabric roll. Loosely coil the rope around the roll twice. Pin the two coils of rope together and sew between the two coils to join them together. Coil the rope around the roll two or three more times. Pin the coiled rope together and sew between the coils again. Cut off the excess rope and slide the rope cuff off the fabric roll.

    • 4). Measure the length of the rope cuff. Measure the inner diameter of the cuff. Cut a rectangle of lining fabric to these measurements.

    • 5). Bring the short ends of the lining fabric together and sew to make a tube. Insert the tube into the cuff and sew around the top and bottom of the lining to join it to the rope cuff.

    • 6). Turn the shirt inside out and pin one end of the coiled rope to the edge of the shirt sleeve. Sew stitches between the rope and the shirt sleeve to attach the cuff to the shirt.

    • 7). Repeat the above steps to make the cuff for the other sleeve.

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