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How to Care for a Male Dwarf Hamster


    • 1). Set 10 gallon aquarium tank in a quiet location away from direct sunlight, cold drafts and heaters.

    • 2). Put 2 inches of shredded paper, aspen shavings or pellet bedding on the bottom of the tank.

    • 3). Place hamster wheel into aquarium, making sure it is stable and spins easily.

    • 4). Attach water bottle to tank using suction cups or hanger.

    • 5). Pour food into ceramic dish and place on the bottom of the tank.

    • 6). Place a hamster hideout or house for the dwarf hamster to sleep in.

    • 7). Put toys and chewing sticks in the aquarium to entertain the hamster.

    • 8). Securely attach wire-mesh cover on top of the tank.

    • 9). Clean the entire habitat weekly using hot water and mild soap.


    • 1). Feed the dwarf hamster a high-quality food containing grains, corn, seeds and pellets.

    • 2). Supplement dry hamster mix with fresh foods such as carrots, apples and spinach.

    • 3). Ensure that food is available at all times because dwarf hamsters are hoarders that store up food.

    • 4). Make sure that fresh water is available at all times.

    • 5). Remove any uneaten food from the cage before it spoils.


    • 1). Begin socializing the male hamster by handing him treats through the cage.

    • 2). Start picking up the hamster when he has become comfortable with hand feeding.

    • 3). Hold the hamster for short periods of time.

    • 4). Let the hamster play in a supervised, enclosed area once he is comfortable with being held for a moderate length of time.

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