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How to Feed Moose in Forest Preserve, Illinois

    • 1). Hang a large game salt lick near a natural or man-made pond. Moose need supplemental salt, especially during the summer months, and may be drawn to the lick.

    • 2). Place leaves or new growth from willow, birch, aspen, maple or fir trees where moose frequent. Do not position the foliage when the moose is there. Moose are large and they can move faster than people can; they have very poor eyesight and are easily startled, attacking if they feel provoked.

    • 3). Observe the moose at a safe distance of 20 yards, or from within a parked vehicle or inside a home. The moose will stomp its feet if it become threatened. Leave the area if the moose does this or exhibits any other possible sign of aggression.

    • 4). Contact the Forest Preserve District Police at 1-800-870-3666 should you sight a moose in the wild. Tell the officer the date, time and location of the sighting.

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