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Compost Bin or Compost Tumbler - What is Best For You?

Before you produce any compost at all, you will have to decide on the instrument in which to make it.
You can do it either with a compost bin, or a compost tumbler.
There is a lot of blogs, articles and discussions on the subject of composting.
For some the tumbler would be the better option, alternatively many people prefer the bin.
You also might be influenced by people you know into buying, as many people will advise on what has worked best for them.
However, you really should compare the pros and cons first, as there are a few factors that might force your concluding purchase.
Composting Bins Bins are the hardest to use.
This is because in order for perturbation of the mix inside the bin to take place, there must be some degree of aeration inside.
By use of a pitchfork, you can turn the mulch inside the bin to aerate it.
The downside to this is the amount of effort it takes each day and additionally the potential to create a large amount of mess.
So for those people who have on-the-fly routines, the bin might not be the best selection.
There are many folks out there that will find this whole process quite enjoyable and will undoubtedly appreciate the final produce more..
Compost Tumblers Although slightly more in price, tumblers are much easier to use.
There are a lot of tumblers out there that are rotating, meaning the drum can be turned easily, as it is mounted on a frame.
It requires much less effort and does not create as mess as the bin.
If you do not have much time to spare, the tumbler is ideal.
Tumblers can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic and wood.
There is a much better raw material used to make them out there at this present time, recycled plastic.
Recycled plastic upholds the same properties as virgin plastic.
This means that when you purchase a tumbler made from recycled plastic, it will last for years as it much more resistant to weather effects, saving you a lot of money in the future.
You are also helping the environment by keeping plastic rubbish out of landfill.
There are some tumblers that can hold up to 220 litres and because of the modern designs of tumblers these days, within about four to five weeks you will have a fair amount of compost.

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