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What to Look For When Buying an Iguana

So you are thinking about getting an iguana.
Well before you go ahead and grab any baby iguana off the shelves there are some basic things you should know about.
Here is a list of things to look out for when buying a baby iguana for the first time.
In terms of its common appearance, consider the following: - There should be no bites or scratches on the skin as these can get infected later on.
The skin must be clean and firm.
- Check that the stomach has no burn marks because even though they will heal with time, the skin will always be sensitive to any kind of heat.
- Also check that the stomach is not dirty because this is a sign that the lizard is living in an environment that is unhygienic and therefore it can be prone to illnesses and weakness.
- The opening of the stomach must be clean and must contain no remains of dried urine or stool.
This is a sign that the lizard may possess protozoa and parasites in its stomach which is dangerous.
- Try and move the various body parts and observe the reactions carefully.
If there is a strong resistance than it means the iguana is healthy and strong.
If it does not resist or shows weakness and instability, this means that there may be a lack of calcium or that the lizard is injured.
- Investigate the limbs, tail and body to ensure that there are no bumps, lumps or swelling areas as this means that there may be cysts, fractures or infections which will require expensive veterinary treatment.
- If you see that one rear leg is swollen than this may indicate that there is a fracture and if two legs or thighs are swollen it means that there is an inadequate supply of calcium.
Therefore make sure that the legs and thighs have a normal shape.
- Check that the limbs are not thin because this is a sign of starvation or dehydration.
These limbs must be full and sturdy.
Also check that the body is not wrinkled because this could indicate a bacterial or parasite infection.
The body should be vibrant and smooth in appearance.
For its head, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, you may take note of the following: - Check that the eyes are not crusted, weepy or bleary as this would indicate a possible respiratory infection or eye inflammation.
The eyes must be clear.
- Check that the nose does not contain wet bubbly or dried mucous as this is a sign of a respiratory infection.
Look inside the mouth and make sure that there are no signs of rotting anywhere because this would indicate infection.
The inside should appear healthy.
- Study the jaw to make sure it is not swollen because this means that the lizard may possess a metabolic disease.
- Check that the face, dewlap and neck contain no signs of swellings or lumps as this would be a sign of abscesses.
In terms of behavior, observe the following: - If the baby you are holding is constantly trying to get free then this is a sign that it is healthy.
- But if the iguana is still and unresponsive, you may assume that it is sick.
These are some of the basic things to examine when choosing your pet iguana.
Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to having a healthy and happy companion for years to come.

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