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What Is Fluocinonide USP Used For?


    • The corticosteroid contained in fluocinonide penetrates the skin, where it works to relieve inflammation, pain and itching.


    • Because of its ability to relieve inflammation, doctors prescribe fluocinonide USP to treat a number of conditions including psoriasis, canker sores, allergic skin rashes and dermatitis.

    Time Frame

    • Fluocinonide is typically applied to the affected area two to four times per day until the infection clears, reports RxList.


    • The most common side effects of fluocinonide include burning, itching and irritation at the spot where the cream is applied. There is also a slight risk of increased blood sugar levels and suppression of your adrenal glands associated with the medication, warns RxList.


    • Because its effects upon fetal development are unknown, doctors rarely prescribe fluocinonide USP for use in pregnant women. Additionally, the drug is typically not ised to treat skin conditions in children under the age of twelve, according to

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