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How to Build a Tortoise Box

    Constructing a Tortoise Box

    • 1). Cut the 1" by 10" boards into five equal pieces that will form the bottom, sides, front and back of the box. Leave three inches of wood for use as footings.

    • 2). Cut the side pieces diagonally to form a slanted top half on both sides.

    • 3). Cut the front and back pieces narrower by 2 inches.

    • 4). Glue and nail the edges of the bottom, sides, front, and back together. Hold the pieces in place with a fancy clamp until the glue dries.

    • 5). Cut the remaining 1" x 10 " wood into three equal footing pieces. Apply glue and nail them in an equidistant triangle shape to the bottom of the box. Nail from the top so that the nail ends protrude through the bottom of the box. Bend the nail ends over.

    • 6). Cut the pine molding to exactly the same width as the front and back of the box. Glue and nail them to the existing front and back panels to brace them.

    • 7). Cut a circular door in the front panel with a coping saw.

    • 8). Cut the plywood to cover the top of the box, leaving a 3-inch overhang on the back and sides and a 5-inch overhang on the front.

    • 9). Paint the box and plywood with three coats of paint.

    • 10

      Attach the plywood to the top of the box above the door with the two door hinges.

    • 11

      Cut and lay indoor/outdoor carpet inside the box.

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