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The theory behind natural medicine is to have the ability to manage your own personal health care by prevention, minimize symptoms, and address the initial cause of illnesses. Natural medicines are from pure unaltered compounds from the earth like; plants, fruits, trees, etc. used to regenerate and heal our bodies. Natural medicine can; relieve pain, soothe headaches, calm allergies, cure colds and flu and so much more. By using natural medicine and partnering with a healthier way of life you too can build and improve your health.

1. The Good
Is alive and well today! Yet it has been around since ancient times. There are many ancient documents that date back to 2500 BC proving they used natural remedies for healing. The Greeks, Romans, Israelis, Arabians, and the Europeans were very influential in furthering the science and use of natural remedies even throughout World War I and II. Almost every nation in the world today is using them in their daily lives. So you have history that gives this power and credibility.

2. The Bad
People have misconceptions about natural medicine and have been told by doctors and the pharmaceutical companies for years it does not work. But in reality it does work. Medicine today is made from different plants, fruits, trees, etc., and pharmaceutical companies have to alter the natural compounds by adding synthetic (not natural) compounds so they can patent them to sell. That is why you have side effects! A whole pure natural product has all the compounds in them so there are no side effects.

3. The Ugly
Natural medicines are not all created equal. There are many products claiming to be natural online and on TV advertised as being natural but has add ingredients that are not; which produces minimal or no relief and may not address the source of the illness.

Your health care solution is as easy as using whole pure natural medicines. I had to change my thinking when I got a cold or the flu I was able to treat it immediately and minimize the symptoms or eliminated them altogether before it got serious. The result has been not having to take antibiotics and suffering from their side effects, fewer doctor appointments and saving money. I have experienced the healing benefits in myself and for my family. Their benefits will stop headaches and muscle pain, relieve colds and flu, kill infections, and gives allergy relief, stops indigestion and so much more.

You need to decide if you want to continue to take or minimize the use of over-the-counter (synthetic) drugs or use natural medicines. I understand that we do need our doctors to help us with surgeries, broken bones and serious illness but there are so many ailments that can be healed naturally without the use of synthetic drugs. Natural remedies are cost effective, convenient, easy to use and most important of all safe.

In closing, I would say that using natural medicine has changed my life and my families. If someone does not have the first clue on how to use natural medicine, then I would suggest they learn how. This is your opportunity for you to be in control of your health care and experience their powerful benefits that will change your life too!

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