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Baskin Robbins is known as worlds largest ice cream parlour along with known as first ice cream maker and first food franchise seller business. Baskin Robbins is known for its 31 ice cream flavors. Baskin Robbins is founded by two men named Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, merging their ice cream venture.

Baskin Robbins came to know as first food business seller, selling its stores to managers. They started with 21 ice cream flavors and after some time they increased their ice cream flavors to 31 under promotional plan. Their 31 flavors are famous around the world. Beside 31 ice cream flavors, they have ice cream cake, sundaes, blast, waffle, prepacks and much more.

For ice cream flavors, you would get every month new ice cream flavors under flavor of month. Every month, you would get delicious ice cream flavors. For January month Baskin Robbins has boysenberry patch which has delicious flavors because of boysenberry, wiped ice cream ribbons and pie pieces. For success month, BR had pistachio almond fudge which has combination fudge ribbon and dark chocolate covered by crunchy almond brittle. For March month, they had caramel praline cheesecake which is combination of pralines n cream and vanilla cheesecake. For April month they had Tea and Scones which has jammy mixed berry ribbon and filled with delight scones. With summer vacation, people enjoyed with taste of purely parfait, having vanilla yogurt, wrapped with plum ribbon and crunchy yogurt covered granola pieces.

With sizzling summer vacation, Baskin Robbins had coconut grove which had reason to celebrate events with your friends and other people group. It has jolly taste because of coconut caramel crme ribbon, covered with coconut-toasted cashews.

For rainy season around the world, you would get new flavor for enjoying your events with your people groups with taste of making cookies. This flavor has cookie flavored ice cream swirled with mini chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough ribbon.

You would get introduced every month about new flavor of ice cream. They have their 2008 based ice cream flavors list for every month.

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