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How to Report Food Stamp Fraud in Virginia

    • 1). Write down all the information you know about the fraud, including the specific fraudulent act, the dates when the fraud occurred and how you are aware of the fraud. Reporting fraud can make people nervous, even unexpectedly. Go over what you will say before you place the call.

    • 2). Call the Virginia SNAP program hotline at 1-800-552-3431 or the United States Office of Inspector General for the Mid-Atlantic Region at 301-504-2000. Tell the person who answers the phone that you would like to report an incident of SNAP fraud.

    • 3). Tell the agent or other contact about the fraud case. Go over all of the information you wrote down. You may be asked for your name and contact information. Decline to relay this information if you wish to remain anonymous, but know that in some instances you may be pressed for your identification.

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