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From this World to an All Mighty Creator God

From this World to an All Mighty Creator God

We look at our world and we see a fascinating colorful round planet turning in outer space in its black matter. We rotate around the sun in a speed of 1600 km per second to complete one solar year of an oval shape circle of nearly 92 million kms of length.

What keeps us in our orbit is the forces of gravitations and attractions in relation to the sun itself and the other planets rotating also in our solar system around the sun but in different distances.

If these gravitational forces are not exactly what they are our planet is released form its orbit and either submits itself to the gravitation of the sun and we burn out in matter of seconds, at our speed, or we are liberated from our orbit and take a distance from he sun and freeze out in seconds.

Our planet is subject to precise and succinct atmospheric pressure, any frictional perturbances and life disappears. If the atmospheric pressure is lifted up our blood boils in our veins in twenty seconds. If the air buffer zone disappears we all die in seconds and life perishes in its observable form. If the crest of the earth is two meters thinker or thinner then the earth explodes.

If the ration of oxygen is diminished life disappears. If the ratio of Carbonic gas to Oxygen is unstabled then life perishes. If the sun disappears the life disappears two. If fresh water disappears then humans and animals die in few days. If there is no food for animalistic life then nothing lives and nothing survives. Survival of two millions animal species is subject to all these conditions, to mention but few.

Exact and precise formulas of conditions of survival must be provided in order for life to appear on our planet, be sustained and behave the way it does. Nothing is left to chaos, hazard and chance. Nature has done a perfect job. But what is nature? In its very constituents must be either a great creative force that practices power and plans life in its millions of shapes and forms, functions and change.

Every flower, animal, human, mineral object or microscopic creature is independent of the other species. Every being has its dimension of life, of span of time, of its features and characteristics, of its aesthetic qualities, of its cycle, of its change, of its movement, of its proper function and proper purpose, in the harmony of the overall biological dimension of our planet.

Nature is a term we give to the ensemble of everything that expresses life. If nature is the cause-creator of everything then it must be self creating, having power to dispose of life manifestations, control, and planning with specific purposes.

Then, in this way, we identify nature with God, as Spinoza did. But nature itself is the ensemble of every life manifestation that constitute our planet. Nature does not explain why our planet exists. It does not explain why should our planet rotate around itself to produce night and day and be subjected to the sun. It does not explain our presence, along side millions of precisely created species.

Mother nature fall short in answering ultimate questions of the presence of the universe and our planet, being in existence 5-6 billions of years ago, the origin of the universe and the power that has put its atoms together, held it together and put it in its forms and shapes. It does not explain the underlying structure and function of galaxies, stars and planets, our solar system and our own planet earth.

But nature and the universe are explained by the need of a powerful God who is All Mighty and All Knowledgeable, capable of such a creation such as the universe , nature and everything in this universe. God is the origin, the cause-creator, the prime maker, designer and controller of everything. God is the creative power that explains the presence, change and finality of everything. He is the prime subject of metaphysical aspect of our existence. Who else could have created things as they are? Who else could have made things as they are?

If you and I did not do it, and nature is only an ascriptive term, then who has done it All?

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