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For the Love of Market Research, Aerospace and Defence

Apoorv Srivastava, student of KIAMS developed an interest in market research while working on the projects that are a part of his PGDM program. And today he has managed to make his dream come true by gaining placement with Markets & Markets, a market research company. He will be working as a Research Associate in the exciting and dynamic field of Aerospace and Defence. No wonder then that the young student, who grew up in Lucknow, is over the moon.

It was the brand name, Kirloskar that helped Apoorv make his decision of joining the institute. He was also impressed by the strong alumni base of the institute, something KIAMS prides on. But the journey to Harihar campus seemed like a long one for him initially. "It was the first time I was going to live away from home. I found the going tough in the beginning and took my time to get into the groove," he admits.

However, Apoorv also recognises the importance of the learning environment created by the institute that makes students like him feel comfortable and focussed on education. He mentions the campus, the classroom environment and teaching methodologies employed by faculty members as factors that helped him grow and develop his critical thinking. Besides understanding the basics of management, he believes his PGDM program gave him the edge in the professional sphere as well.

The institute has always done its best to ensure that its students are industry ready by the time they are through with their course. According to Apoorv, this important aspect was taken care of during his internship with Tata Motors, Lucknow. Talking about the experience he says, "I not only got to experience the working culture in a big company like Tata but I got my first taste of corporate life in general as well. Time management and prioritising my work, are the two key lessons I learnt from the stint and I have been implementing them in my life."

That's probably why Apoorv was ready when his new employers came calling on the campus for placements. He had to get through a gruelling six round process to bag the job and he sailed through it with flying colours. It was because he was confident of his abilities given his learning at the institute, he admits. His calm and composed demeanour, coupled with solid preparations helped him make his mark through the placement process. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Apoorv has already started working for the company and is eagerly awaiting his first salary. It clearly is a huge high for the youngster pursuing his PGDM. But he is quite focussed on his work responsibilities and wants to give them his best shot. "I am a perfectionist by nature and like to work without making any errors. I think this job will help me work towards being a manager in the future," he says confidently.

In fact, he does have future plans in place and is focused on making sure they come true in the next five years. "If I am working with the same company I hope to be a manager in the next five years, earning a good salary. But my long term goal is to start a food chain business in my home town," he declares. KIAMS has not only made him industry ready but built strong entrepreneurial skills into him. And now that Apoorv has climbed the first ladder of success by bagging a job placement, he's only become more intent on going after his goals.

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