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Metal Detecting Hunts

When it comes to metal detecting hunts the question is always 'Where do I hunt for treasures?' In hunting for valuables you may also find some other treasures such as the rich history of a place, the exercise you are getting or the relaxation of being in the outdoors.
For most detectorists this is only a means to an end but it enriches your hobby if you keep it in mind and enjoy everything from studying the history of a place to finally finding a treasure.
Let's look at a few suggestions where to hunt for treasures and what you can expect to find.
Places you can hunt for treasures in the country are old trails and town get togethers.
Old trails are extremely hard to find as they may have disappeared all together.
The best way to find old trails is to find old archives at the local library or church.
Detecting old trails may yield you great finds such as old coins, relics and caches.
People buried caches to come back to and retrieve but something happened to them, they were killed or got sick and never returned.
You may also find old guns or knives.
Get togethers held in old barns, old churches or even tents were common in the days gone past and you can find old coins and interesting antiques at these places.
In suburban areas the hunting grounds are endless and the key aspect to searching is: Where have people been? You can search under porches, around storm cellars and basement steps, under clotheslines where coins may have been dropped over the years.
Around big old trees where children played and relaxed away from the sun.
Parks is another place where one can find old coins even if it has been searched previously.
Old railroad depots can also yield some interesting finds.
Old churches are also a very good place to search and you will probably find some old coins.
Construction sites may also yield interesting finds that was buried and are now near the surface.
In Metropolitan areas it may be a bit more difficult to find valuables but look for streets that were named after something that took place there such as "Market" or "Grove" or something with a trail in it.
Search construction sites, the grass between the sidewalk and the street.
Old Taverns or Inns may also have long lost valuables around them.
These are just a few suggestions to start you in the right direction and to get you into the treasure hunting mindset.
Two key things to remember is have a good observation with a little imagination and hunt where people have been.

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