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The Heart of Your Business

I could write about tips and technique for starting and growing your business or strategies to find YOUR ideal clients, but then it came to me.
Your business does not start with your plan or your research of your product - YOUR business starts with your heart.
All too many times people build their businesses around a basic idea, then get business cards, create a website, and design letterhead.
Yes, you will need these in your business, but it is not the nature of your business.
Your head is responsible for taking care of these details.
To really create the success you desire, check in with your heart before you check-out at Staples.
Your business idea is the starting point of developing your business.
But, to really build a sustainable business you need to love what you do, otherwise your will create an ordinary business that will make some money, but will not thrive as well as a business created with heart.
See, when you check in with your heart, you are connecting with the core of WHO you are and why you are creating a business in the first place.
At times your head is going to want to break into the fun, check in and try to keep you in status quo, ordinary and small.
It's your head's job to stay safe and comfortable.
Your subconscious mind takes things literally, so if you let your head chime in with doubt and fear - you know the voice that screams "WHO do you think you are? You can't do that! You're not good enough! You don't have what it takes to be successful!" - then, your business will very likely stay small, ordinary and "safe".
Sound familiar? At the onset of creating your business, if you take the time, work the steps and check in with your heart you will find absolute clarity in what you love to do, why you love to do it, who you are meant to work with and what steps will support you in growing and Extraordinary business - the business of your dreams and the work that you were born to do.
Let me help you get started! There are a few questions to be absolutely clear with, and they are the fundamental steps, in developing a strong and inspired business.
- What are your gifts and talents? - What do you love to do? (So much so that you lose track of time) - What are your values? - What do you want in your life and your business? You may have done this type of exercise before, but do it again.
You need to have absolute clarity with these questions because they are the missing pieces to the business development puzzle.
As with any puzzle, if the pieces don't fit together the picture is unclear and disorganized.
Be willing to step out of the comfort zone, just enough, to know WHO you are and what you are passionate about.
This is the real heart of your business.

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