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Be Thou My Vision - Behind the Song

Be Thou My Vision is a worship song which remains popular up to this very day.
The words to the be thou my vision song date back as far as 6th Century Ireland with the original title, "Rop tu mo Baile" and was written by Dallan Forgaill.
It is said that he really was very zealous in writing that it led to his blindness.
During his day, Forgaill reformed the Baldic Order, helping to preserve the Gaelic traditional literature and language.
Furthermore, the original words of the be thou my vision song which was recorded in Old Irish were used widely in the Monastic tradition before being set to music.
At the turn of the 20th century, Mary E.
Byrne translated the Irish words into english which was recorded in 1905 in the journal of the School of Irish Learning.
However, in 1912 Eleanor Hull versified the words and this became the modern form of the hymn.
With regards to tune, the music is the Irish folk song, Slane, which is about Slane Hill where in A.
433 St.
Patrick defied the pagan High King Loe-gaire of Tara by lighting candles on Easter Eve.
Besides this general connection to Christianity, the folk song has little prior connection to the text.
The theme of be thou my vision song is about The Christian Life and Hope Guidance in Pilgrimage.
The lyrics was based from Philippians 3:7.
Be Thou My Vision wonderfully expresses the desires of the Christian heart with its wholehearted and sincere lyrics and moving melody.
This song comes from this spiritually rich period.
Its prominent theme encourages single-hearted focus and devotion to Christ.
In the hymn lyrics, the composer expressed his adoration of God through the many titles he gives him: Treasure, Great Father, Wisdom, High King of Heaven and many more.
Once you hear this worship song, it will really enlighten you and will move you to believe and trust in God.
Be Thou My Vision has very beautiful lyrics and is definitely worth listening.
The song can help you meditate and can uplift your faith in God upon hearing it.
This song expresses how the composer of this song really adores and acknowledges God in his life.
He also emphasized that God is his top priority in his life and that God is the light that guides him in his life.
Try listening to it and I hope it can move you the way it moved me.

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