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How to Make an Origami Paper Model Robot

    • 1). Lay a square of origami paper in front of you with the white side up. Pull the top of the paper down to the bottom, folding it in half so that a horizontal crease runs through the middle of the structure.

    • 2). Fold the right side to the left side. You now have a small square. Unfold it so that it's a rectangle again.

    • 3). Fold the right corner down to the center line. Repeat with the left corner. You now have a small triangle.

    • 4). Stick your finger into the interior of the right side of the triangle and stick the right flap outward and smooth it down. Repeat with the interior of the left side of the triangle. You now have a larger triangle.

    • 5). Press your fingertip against the right corner of your right flap, flattening the crease against the structure. The right flap went from a triangle to looking like an upside-down kite. Repeat with the left flap.

    • 6). Fold the upside-down kite in half vertically so that part of it is behind the front of the structure. Repeat with the kite on the left side.

    • 7). Fold the bottom end of the top layer up approximately one inch so that it makes an upwards flap. Turn the piece over and repeat with the bottom layer. You now have a pirate's hat.

    • 8). Grab the right corner of the pointed flap and pull it downward, creating a right angle with the bottom of the piece. Repeat with the left corner of the pointed flap.

    • 9). Grab the front layer of the piece and pull it to the right slightly. At the same time, grab the bottom layer of the piece and pull it slightly to the left. Flatten. The piece will somewhat resemble a square with a flap sticking out of it. This is your Pilgrim hat.

    • 10

      Turn the piece so that the square looks more like a diamond with one colored corner pointing north. Pull the top flap back, making a small triangle. Your robot is finished.

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