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How to build muscles

How to build muscles? How to build arm muscles? How to build leg mucles? How to build back muscles?

The question remains...

Well how you would build muscles is easy when you have the correct system and mentality. What I mean by this that there are three rules on how to build muscles. Or should I say three terms Intensity, Recovery and Nutrition. Now these terms are in no order but they are equally important until....... You are performing That particular rule. Let me explain when its time to hit the gym that has to be your main and only objective the same goes when it's time for nutrition and the same applies when it's time to recover.

After reading my article on how to build muscles you'll completely understand what I mean.


Now if your one of those people that make the gym a social network then you really need to up your intensity. Because what you want is to put all you have in inside each workout and I don't mean be at the gym for 4 hours. You want to be in the gym no longer than an hour tops!!! That should give you enough time to get the job done. Now the goal is to create a soreness surrounding that body part you worked. If you did arms then you shouldn't be able to extend them without feeling some major discomfort bottom line. No pain no gain and I mean that literally so go past the burn on every set this works without fail.


Now that you've worked your muscles creating soreness for the next few days. Nutrition is now the most important thing in your life at this point. Drinking A protein shake right after your workout is helps to speed up the recovery process but ideally slows down the protein breakdown. But it doesn't stop there every three hours you need protein so prepare ahead so you hit your deadline exactly. You never want to go more than three hours without any nutrition or eating very very important. Oh here's a tip If you use supplements just stick with the basics like glutamine and amino acids that's all you need. DO NOT get sucked into these new products your only paying for the how new the product is not how proven it works stick to what has working for decades.


Ok your done with your day you worked out hard for an hour, you took your nutrition serious, now the final and very important part to this 3 headed attack on how to build muscles journey. Recovery... People listen up you don't build any muscle in the gym not one little fiber or strand. You build during your rest periods when you go to sleep. Now those who cut corners on sleep are cutting your progress back at least by 30%. Just think about it if you work a regular job and workout often you need sleep to repair if you don't you won't grow.

Look people I've been working out for 22 years and I know a thing or two on how to build muscles. So please just try what I say and I promise you you'll get to your desired goal

Remember its easy intensity, nutrition, recovery that's how you build muscles.

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