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Industrial Radiography Schools

    • Many schools and private companies offer industrial radiography training programs.automobile en xray image by art3007 from

      Industrial radiography, or radiographic testing (RT), a sub-specialty of nondestructive testing, is the use of X-ray and gamma ray imaging to evaluate the properties of a material or object without damaging it. Industrial radiographers work in a variety of fields, including forensics, aerospace, aviation, engineering, shipping, science and industry. Structural safety inspection and testing is an important service industrial radiographers perform. They conduct surveys of bridges, railroad systems, marine vessels, airplane frames, pipelines, amusement park rides and a variety of commercial infrastructures. Industrial radiographers also work in quality control roles in manufacturing, and in the transportation and shipping industries as airport security screeners and cargo and shipping container inspectors.

    NDT Training Center

    • NDT Training Center offers two levels of courses in Industrial Radiography (IR). Level I is a 40-hour introductory radiation safety course that satisfies state and industry radiation training requirements, and is geared toward those with no previous IR experience or training. NDT's Level II courses provide advanced certification for radiographic technicians with at least 9 months' experience in the field, and include coursework in the origins and nature of radiation, radiograph production, processing and interpretation. NDT's curriculum satisfies the Level II training requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. NDT offers both on-site and online course options, and administers qualifying exams for all levels of IR training.

      NDT Training Center
      7303 Windfern Road
      Houston, TX 77040-2312

    Don Bosco Technical Institute

    • The Don Bosco Technical Institute, through its ASNT-GLAS continuing Education Program, offers industrial radiography courses twice per year. The curriculum includes an introductory course in nondestructive testing methods and three 40-hour progressive courses. Radiography I covers radiographic theory, production and safety. Radiography II includes coursework on equipment, technique and processing. Radiography III is a hands-on opportunity to apply techniques in the lab, with introductory work in film interpretation. Classes generally meet in the evening and satisfy the general requirements of SNT-TC-1A 2006 Edition and NAS 410.

      Don Bosco Technical Institute
      1151 San Gabriel Blvd.
      Rosemead, CA 91770-4299

    Moraine Valley Community College

    • Moraine Valley Community College offers classes in nondestructive testing geared toward students seeking a career, or employees looking for additional training and certification. Moraine Valley's curriculum includes three 40-hour courses: Radiation Safety, Radiation Testing I and Radiation II, which prepare students to work in nuclear, amusement and petrochemical applications. Moraine Valley provides access to special funding and grants for dislocated workers and veterans, and connects graduates with apprenticeships in local companies. This school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

      Moraine Valley Community College
      9000 W. College Parkway
      Palos Hills, IL 60465-2478

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