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Secrets to Removing Weight Loss Excuses That Are Keeping You Overweight

Removing Weight Loss Excuses that are Keeping you Fat Excuses, excuses, excuses.
It seems that everyone that needs to lose weight has them.
What you need to ask yourself is, Are these excuses the main roadblock that is keeping me from getting to my desired weight? Lets take a minute or two and look at some of these excuses and see what can be done about them.
"I don't like to be hungry.
" or put another way, "I am always hungry" This excuse is a simple one to fix.
First, most people that are always hungry or eat to avoid the feeling of hunger, more that likely failed to start their day with a healthy breakfast.
To live a Healthy life style that will keep you at your proper weight, you must start your day with a healthy breakfast.
You can not run a car without gas, so why push your mind and body to run without proper nourishment? Removing weight loss excuses that are keeping you fat, start here.
A nutritious breakfast is not a sweet roll or donuts and coffee.
High-Fiber cereals, such as oatmeal or brand flakes served with nonfat milk or lite soy milk provide a good start to the day.
Add a little fresh fruit such as a banana or fresh berries for additional nutrients and flavor.
If you don't like milk you can use fruit juice such as orange juice on your cereal.
Another option is low fat yogurt with fresh berries.
The yogurt is a great boost for your calcium intake.
Of course there is always the excuse "I don't have time for breakfast" To that you have two choices, get up a little earlier, or prepare the breakfast the night before.
You can make a bowl of Muesli the night before and have it setting in the refrigerator, ready for you when you get up.
If you must eat on the run, try toasting a little multi-grain bread and spreading a little peanut butter on it for a take with sandwich.
Remember, you don't need to limit yourself to what most people consider "breakfast foods".
Eating leftovers from dinner can do in a pinch to get you started in the morning.
The most important thing to remember is to fuel your mind and body when you first start the day and you will have a much better chance to reach your goals.
It is also important to eat six small meals a day instead of 3 large ones.
Try to eat something healthy every two and a half hours for better hunger control.
The next excuse people use a lot is, "I've tried it all before and I just can't lose weight.
" For that, the simple answer is that you must keep a diary when your trying to lose weight.
You need to write down everything that you eat.
The reason is that we often trick ourselves into believing that we didn't eat all that much, when in fact we ate more that we realize.
Removing Weight Loss Excuses that are Keeping you Fat, involve keeping a record, so that we know when to stop.
Get yourself a little pocket notebook, write down everything that you eat for a week.
At the end of each day, add up the calories for the day.
You will be surprised at how fast it adds up.
Another often heard excuse is "I love food too much.
" Here you need to ask yourself, Do I love food more that I love myself? It is alright to really enjoy food, the trick is to limit how much of it you eat.
Just because you love chocolate cake does not make it o.
To eat the whole cake.
Learn to enjoy food in small, controllable amounts.
Make that chocolate cake small slice, a reward for staying on your diet for the whole week.
Give yourself a small reward a couple of times a week, maybe one on Sunday and another on Wednesday and it will help you reach your goals.
Removing Weight Loss Excuses that are Keeping you Fat, involves taking control of your eating program.
"I hate fruit or vegetables.
" That started when we were kids and now it has followed us into our adult life.
People tend to hate what they don't understand.
Do you want to be considered a knowledgeable food expert among your friends? Then look around at all the great Chefs you will see on the TV shows, What are they doing, the are introducing new and exciting ways of preparing and eating vegetables and fruits.
Take a lesson from them and you may find that they add a lot to a meal, plus you will become your own Chef and your friends will be impressed with your expertize.
Removing Weight Loss Excuses that are Keeping you Fat is the first step to Successful weight loss.
So be totally honest with yourself and figure out how to get past your excuses so they're not holding you back.
Keep you goal in mind.
You can reach it.

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