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Notes on LDS Gospel Doctrine Lessons

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has many distinguishing characteristics and unique doctrines which are studied by Mormons in their Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes. These, in turn, are taught by LDS church missionaries who spread the message worldwide.

LDS gospel doctrine lessons are so wide ranging that they cover almost all the foundational principles of the Latter-day Saint movement. The basic principles of gospel doctrine, as understood by the Latter-day saints are following;

God is the Father and Jesus Christ is His Son. They are co-eternal, but are not the same person. Similarly, the Holy Spirit is different from the Father and the Son. This contradicts the doctrine of the Trinity, which suggests that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are basically one entity.

Mormons emphasize the importance of faith. In the New Testament, faith had been defined as; €€¦the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen'. Mormons believe that faith must be exercised in Jesus Christ, not just in general. Faith begins with a desire to believe, which is like planting a seed. Nourishment of the seed occurs through reading scriptural texts, prayer and striving to obey all the commandments. Over time, faith can thus become a stalwart €tree€ that does not fail.

Repentance is also a very important doctrine in Mormonism, with a marginal difference from mainstream Christianity. Mormons believe that we must do €all we can do€ to live a righteous life, and then God's grace will make up for the rest of our imperfections. Thus, the grace of God is necessary to our salvation, but we need to repent and love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength.

Like Christians, Mormons also believe that Jesus Christ atoned for universal sin. Therefore, we are all responsible for our own sins and not for Adam's transgressions.

Mormons believe in baptism by immersion and not by sprinkling or pouring water onto the body. Immersion in water symbolizes the death, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The officiator of this ordinance must havethe priesthood, which is the authority to perform such ordinances in the name of God. This authority was also restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.

The restoration claim made by Latter-day Saints also differentiates them from orthodox Christians. Mormons believe after centuries of apostasy, a new prophet, Joseph Smith was instructed by God to restore the original teachings of Christ. This belief is at the core of Mormon theology.

LDS gospel doctrine lessons explain all these doctrines and more.

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