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How to Avoid Running Low on Crop in Travian

Running low on Crop is a big problem as a gamer draws close to the end of a server. Of course the obvious solution is to build fewer troops. Numbers become very important by the end of the game and few players want to stop building troops.

So how does one ensure that they can maintain a 200,000 troop army and still have crop to spare? Here are the essential steps that make this possible:

· Find a valley where you will settle your cluster of village with more than one 15 - crop tile. Ideally there would be two that are close together and one or two more that are nearby. Build up the two that are closest to each other and then chief the other two later in the game. This way you have other players building villages for you.

· Make absolutely sure that there is at least 50% in crop oasis bonus in the surrounding area. This is an absolute must. Sometimes you need to search for about an hour before you find the right valley. It's up to you to find your own summit, or dig your own graveyard.

· Scout out the nearby area for a few extra 9 - crop tiles for creating support villages. These are great for building your hammer in, as they allow greater leverage for moving your hammer around since they create 50% more crop than regular 6 - crop tiles.

· Don't settle too close to the coordinates (-400, -400). You want to be within 100 degrees of the center of the map so that when new players enter the game you will be able to farm them.

These are the most important steps. Ideally there would be 2 or 3 50% crop oasis (150% total) near your 15 - crop tiles, but this isn't necessary. If you follow these steps like I did, you will be able to support over 200,000 troops as well as a sizeable battery of catapults.

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