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What Kills Sharpedo in "Pokemon"?

    About Sharpedo

    • Pokemon #319, the dark-type legendary Pokemon Sharpedo appears in the Pokemon titles "Ruby," "Sapphire," "Emerald," "FireRed," "LeafGreen," "Diamond," "Pearl," "Platinum," "HeartGold, "SoulSilver," "Black" and "White." In all these games, the brutal Sharpedo lives in the water and can be found with the Fishing Rod item. According to the in-game Pokedex, this creature is 5-foot-11-inches tall and weighs 195.8 lbs. Depending on which version you play, defeating Sharpedo earns you items such as the Yellow Scarf or Lum Berry.


    • When fighting Sharpedo, use a Bug, Electric, Fighting or Grass-type Pokemon, as this dark-type Pokemon is very susceptible to their attacks. Likewise, this Pokemon's powerful attacks are less effective against Dark, Dragon, Steel and Water types than they are against others. Pokemon such as Milotic and Poliwrath make excellent opposing choices as they resist the creature's water and dark-type attacks, as does Weezing, who is immune to Earthquake and features high defensive ratings. Though Sharpedo has a powerful offensive moveset, it lacks special defensive moves.


    • Sharpedo's strength comes from its devastating attacks. This Pokemon commonly attacks with Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Stab, Aqua Jet, Ice Beam or Substitute. Sharpedo's attacks are very effective against Fire, Ghost, Ground, Pyschic and Rock-type Pokemon. On the defensive end, Sharpedo is very resilient against Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Steel and Water types. This Pokemon is immune to Psychic-type attacks all together. At level 100, Sharpedo's attack stat reaches as high as 330 and its speed soars to 289.


    • Sharpedo tends to run away before it can be defeated or captured. Normally, status effects would be key here, but Sharpedo often deflects them with its Substitute move. Watch for this Pokemon's pattern: When it is unable to use Substitute, attack it with a debilitating status move such as Thunder Wave or an item such as Sleep Powder to keep it still. Avoid attacking when Sharpedo uses Rough Skin, which deals 12.5-percent damage to your Pokemon on contact. Highly-effective moves to use against Sharpedo include Mach Punch and Hidden Power Grass, which can deal about 72 percent damage.

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