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Hemorrhoid Treatment - Infrared Photocoagulation for Small Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid treatment can be specific.
Small internal hemorrhoids are those which are situated above the internal sphincter of your anal canal.
These are the type of hemorrhoids which cannot be felt by simply touching your anal area externally.
Because of its anatomic location, you may also not feel any pain or discomfort if you have small internal hemorrhoids.
The most common manifestation of this type of hemorrhoid is the feeling of fullness in the rectal area even after bowel movement.
In this case, you can be treated using infrared coagulation.
This type of hemorrhoids has to be treated properly because it can lead to prolapsed and other forms of complication.
The infrared photocoagulation is effective in treating small and medium hemorrhoidal conditions.
This uses power light beams known as infrared in order to achieve blood coagulation within the vein.
Once the clot is formed, the blood supply is then deterred.
This will lead to the death of the hemorrhoid.
This procedure is performed without the need to be confined in the hospital.
It means that you can go home post-procedurally.
This type of hemorrhoid treatment is advantageous because it is known to provide a permanent relief from hemorrhoids.
Its effectiveness is also achieved promptly and immediately.
The elderly or geriatrics can also take benefit from this type of procedure because it is generally safe.
This is also the type of procedure that does not necessitate any other medical management.
Hemorrhoid Treatment using infrared photocoagulation can cause pain.
Your physician will give you pain medications which will minimize or eliminate pain experience.
This is also an expensive procedure but it is optimally efficient.
If you have hemorrhoids or are experiencing symptoms which can be associated with it, you need to visit your healthcare provider and know your treatment options.
Infrared Photocoagulation is an effective hemorrhoid treatment for small internal hemorrhoids.

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