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Monetizing Your List Building

When monetizing the sign up process, everything Starts with your capture page, the place where your prospect enters their name and email requesting your information.

The very next web page they see is the page asking your prospect to confirm their email address. The purpose of this page is to let your new prospect know that there is an email waiting for them at the address they just entered.

On this page, the please confirm page, you should reassure them that you want to protect them from spam and let them know who the email will be from and what your email address is.

Tell them what the process is to confirm their email, maybe something like "Simply click the link inside the email".

This should never be just a simple page! You have the opportunity to offer this prospect something of value. Even if they do not confirm their email address.

Peel Away Ads are very popular, and easily added to any web page.Many websites that offer an affiliate program have peel away ads that you can easily add to your website.

You don't need to do anything except add the provided javascript to your web page. Typically, this small piece of code goes before your closing </body> tag. This can easily be added using any text editor, like notepad.

You don't need to worry about hosting any special pages for this, as the site who supplies the java code hosts the special pages.

Bonus Boxes are also very popular and easily added to any webpage. These special boxes are also offered by many sites with affiliate programs. They also can be created quite easily.

For example, a box can be easily created using images from a website and an existing bonus box. A few simple modifications, and it's done. Some boxes are simply an image file with a hyperlink attached. These specially designed boxes are hosted by the affiliate website.

These typically can not be changed, as it is only an image file. Professionally designed for better conversions, you really can't go wrong with these simple advertisements.

Including multiple bonus boxes on any one page is the best way to get your offers seen. All of these offers I've talked about so far have been shown to your prospect and they HAVE NOT even confirmed their email address yet.

Including a peel away ad and bonus boxes on your "Please Confirm" page is the easiest way to turn prospects into buyers - even before they become a subscriber.

Your prospect checks their email to confirm their subscription. This email is very simple and straight to the point. It tells them to click the link to confirm their email address. This email should have out going links to affiliate products or programs where you can earn commissions.

With this email, you still have the chance to offer something of value and the possibility of earning commissions even if the prospect decides NOT to confirm their subscription.

I have offered links to my blog, another email list where they can receive an ecourse about residual income and my recommendations on reading material.

The thank you page is where I promptly show them a One Time Offer. When offering your subscriber a one time offer, make sure it is related to what they initially signed up for.

Not only does this page have an OTO, it has a peel away ad and more bonus boxes. You can offer them some Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights products, or even your own products.

Start with a catchy headline followed by the product's image and a short description. End with a nice call to action and your purchase link. Be sure to remind them of the importance of this offer and add a P.S. Always include outgoing links to "free to join" programs or special offers.

Any page that you can add these peel away ads or bonus boxes should have them. Try to arrange them so they won't see the same offer twice, unless you are trying to make a point that it is a good offer.

From your OTO page, you MUST supply a link to the download page if your subscriber decides not to take the OTO. However, if they do take the OTO, be sure the return link from the purchase goes to the upgraded product you offered.

The download page should give steps to follow. When your subscriber arrives at the download page, either by the link on the OTO page, or by "return to merchant" after purchase... give them steps to take.

By giving steps to follow, you can direct your subscriber to your "special" offers. Your download page can have more offers. Always add more peel away ads and bonus boxes to your download page.

You can make your upgraded download page the same as your normal download page because the subscriber will only see one of these pages. Either they take the OTO and see the upgraded download page or they don't. Simply change the link to the product as it applies.

You can download my free report that covers this entire process and see the system in action.

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