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How to Lure Your Runaway Hamster Back

    • 1). Position your hamster cage on the floor, near its usual position. Open the door and fill up the food bowl. Your hamster should have little difficulty climbing back into a wire cage but add steps, such as old books, to the door if the cage is mainly plastic. The cage is the hamster's refuge and it may well return of its own accord.

    • 2). Position your hamster's favorite treats, such as slices of apple, both in the cage and along the edges of rooms. While you are watching TV or otherwise occupied in the evening, be alert for the hamster emerging to take the treats. If your hamster is very friendly, simply pick the hamster up and put back in the cage. Alternatively, place the net over the hamster quickly, if it appears a bit skittish and liable to run back under the furniture.

    • 3). Bait live traps for rats, which are about the right size, with hamster treats and position against the walls. If you know your hamster climbed through a particular hole in the wall, place a live trap nearby. Check the traps every couple of hours during the evening and first thing in the morning.

    • 4). Contact your neighbors and let them know your hamster has escaped. Ask them to call you immediately if they see the animal.

    • 5). Design and print "lost hamster" notices and put them up around your neighborhood. Include a picture of the hamster if you have one and remember to add your contact details. If your hamster does not bite, mention this on the poster. Knowing the hamster is friendly makes people more likely to pick up and contain your hamster until you can collect it.

    • 6). Phone nearby animal sanctuaries and ask them to contact you if a hamster is handed in.

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