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How do I Make a Copper Coil Water Cooler?

    Ice Coolers

    • 1). Buy 25 feet of 1/4-inch copper tubing. If you can find it in coil form, buy that. Otherwise, coil the tubing into a stack of loops using heavy pliers or a pipe bender. This is the most difficult part of the job.

    • 2). Drill a hole through the side of your plastic cooler close to the top.

    • 3). Run a length of standard plastic hose through the hole. Attach a standard threaded hose connector to one end and leave the end that goes inside the cooler free.

    • 4). Drill a second hole through the other end of the cooler, close to its bottom. This will create a downward slope that will draw water out from the tubing.

    • 5). Push a plastic faucet through the second hole. Caulk or glue it in place.

    • 6). Place the copper coil in the cooler. Connect one end of the coil to the incoming hose and one end to the faucet, using hose clamps.

    • 7). Fill the cooler with ice and water. Adding some salt to the water will increase its thermal conductivity and cool the water coming through the coils faster.

    • 8). Connect the hose to a water source and turn on the water, keeping the flow low to allow it to flow slowly through the cooling tubes.

    • 9). Draw chilled water from the faucet.

    Evaporative Coolers

    • 1). Find a water-resistant enclosure. Depending on the size of your coil, you could use a cooler, an old refrigerator or a simple wooden box with some plastic sheeting lining it.

    • 2). Buy or make a coil of 1/4-inch copper tubing. These coolers also use its thermal conductivity to remove heat from the water but rely on evaporation to do it.

    • 3). Drill three holes in the top of your box and two in the bottom. Run a hose through the top hole and connect it to your tubing using hose clamps. Connect the other end of the tubing to the faucet using hose clamps.

    • 4). Run a second hose through the second hole in the top of your box. Attach it to a standard garden hose head set on "mist" and pointed downward at your coil.

    • 5). Using a drill and screws, attach an electric fan to the top of your box, pointing downward toward the coil. Run its power cord out the third hole drilled in the box top and connect it to an outlet. Leave this hole open to allow for ventilation of the box

    • 6). Attach a second tap to the second hole in the bottom of the box.

    • 7). Connect both hoses to water sources and turn them on. The mist will settle on the copper tubing, absorb the heat from the water being drawn through it and evaporate it away into the air being circulated by the fan. Water will pool in the bottom, which can be drained regularly by opening the second tap.

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