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What Is A Silent Migraine?

There are different forms of migraines and one is called the silent type.
If you have ever wondered what is a silent migraine, you are not alone, because many people have not heard of these.
Also known as eye migraines or acephalgic migraines, these are attacks that do not include the painful headaches.
This may sound strange but they are actually not that uncommon.
An aura is something that serves as a warning of, or accompanies, migraines.
Auras include dizziness, seeing flashing lights or lines that are wavy or jagged, or experiencing blind spots.
Auras often occur one hour before the headache appears and can last for between 15 and 60 minutes.
Only about 20 to 30 percent of sufferers can count auras among their symptoms.
People who experience chronic migraine symptoms such as these but never actually get the headache may be suffering from silent migraines.
These tend to occur later during the lifetime and are more frequently experienced by men than women.
For some, the list of symptoms includes numbness, ringing in the ears, slurred speech, and pain on the skin or face.
With such a wide range of symptoms, it is very easy to misdiagnose silent migraines.
Migraine help for silent migraines may involve doing nothing at all because the discomfort or pain is not severe.
For others, migraine remedies include fast-acting pain relievers such as aspirin, especially the effervescent kind, nitroglycerin, or naproxen sodium.
To prevent these migraines, people sometimes find calcium channel blockers or anti-seizure medication to be helpful.
The answer to what is a silent migraine varies depending on the aura being experienced.
People who regularly experience these symptoms should consult with a physician to get an official diagnosis.
The issue may not be troublesome or it may be quite painful but either way, it is important to have it addressed by a medical professional.

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