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Calls For Freeze On UK Fuel Duty

While The UK is technically out of recession there are many worries about the country's recovery.
Motoring has been playing a large part of the discussions lately as fuel prices have rocketed.
The rise in fuel prices in tandem with the hiking of the UK vat to 20% has certainly muted cries of joy from the countries industries, this has resulted in many people in the motor industry speaking out by calling for a freeze on the rise in fuel duty planned for April 2011.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have spoken out, voicing its concerns about the pressure being placed on UK businesses.
Haulage operators are being particularly hard hit as fuel prices rocket.
The trade that keeps the country ticking over by for example the delivery of all the food on our shops shelves already works to the tightest of margins as the haulage business is very competitive.
The last time there was such an outcry at fuel prices, the country was brought to a stand still by blockades and protests by the public, with many garages running out of fuel totally.
With the economy so fragile at the moment this happening again could bring disastrous results for the country and its businesses.
The AA has said that the UK currently has the 5th highest unleaded fuel price in Europe and even worse the 2nd highest priced diesel in Europe.
The SMMT's Chief executive Paul Everitt has said "Vehicle manufacturers spend millions of pounds each year to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles to deliver the best deal to motorists.
We now need government to play its part in helping consumers and businesses by freezing fuel duty and providing stability and certainty on motoring taxes.
" Even the mayor of London Boris Johnson has put forward a case for a fuel duty stabiliser to the government.
He has said that the current price clobbers small businesses and makes it very tough for people living in rural areas without good public transport links.
The stabiliser would ensure a freeze on fuel duty and a reduction in price to reflect the increase in living costs due to the VAT rate rise.

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