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Don"t Let A Label Define Your Autistic Child

It can be easy when we have a special needs child to simply apply a label and use that as justification for anything they do differently from other children.
But applying a label to our child, whether they are autistic or otherwise, can be one of the most detrimental things we can do as parents.
That's not to say we deny our child is autistic, it simply means we do not define them by their disability.
We define them, by them, and their behaviours, mannerisms and everything that truly make them them.
Applying a label to our autistic children, can cause limiting beliefs to be set in our minds.
As parents we can begin in the back of our mind to believe because our child has that label, they will only be able to do so much.
Instead we should help our children be themselves.
Whatever that means.
We should as much as possible allow our children to lead us, and show us their abilities and go from there.
One of the ways we can do this is floor play.
Get down to their level, allow them to lead you, instead of you leading them.
Allow them to bring you into their world, instead of trying to force them to be in ours.
The more we allow them to allow us to get to know them, the better we will be able to understand and help them grow.
Labels simply end up defining them, and limiting them.
Loving them and being led by them is much more likely to help your child, then defining them by an illness or label.
Any disability or disease can affect how someone learns, and lives, but the importance we place on the label can be detrimental to all.
Instead allow your child to be themselves, and help them in any way you can with the knowledge that they have the disability, but that they are not the disability.
Autism doesn't mean you're child cannot live a healthy, happy life.
It simply means that they do not live it the same way as we do, and by the same terms as us.
By being loving, caring and supportive we can help them live the best live possible, without defining them by the terms of a label.
Do not take this to mean that we shouldn't admit they have autism, simply that they are children, not autism.

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