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Farewell Party Activities for a Teacher


    • Sharing memories about the departing teacher can be a fun activity as well as a memorable gift for a farewell party. This can be done by guests standing up and giving short speeches about the person and these speeches being videotaped for the teacher. Another way is for each guest to write down a good-bye note for the teacher and then to have these notes placed together in a book. Another way is to put good-bye notes around a class picture and then present the teacher with the signed picture as a present.


    • Performing a skit to celebrate the teacher can show how much parents and students care. The skit can be as simple as having someone recite a poem that has been rewritten to reflect the teacher. The rest of the participants can perform actions along with the reading of the poem off to the side. Another skit idea is to have all the participants sing a song that means something to the teacher or reminds the participants of the teacher.


    • Presenting the teacher a farewell present can be turned into a farewell party activity. Passing the parcel is a farewell party activity where the present is wrapped in layers of wrapping paper and each guest takes a turn unwrapping a layer of paper. One twist on the activity is to have a saying written on each layer of paper for the guest to read to the teacher as a good-bye. The final layer is then marked with a note so that the present can be given to the teacher to open.

    Treasure Hunts

    • A treasure hunt engages guests in searching for an ultimate prize by reading and following clues. For a farewell party, the clues can be written specific to the departing teacher. The clues can take guests on a small tour of the teacher's life or of experiences that she had at a school. The treasure hunt is an activity that can highlight important parts of the teacher's time at the school as well as provide guests with a fun and exciting activity.

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