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Are You Afraid to Be Happy?

'Be happy with what you have, no matter how small you perceive your measure for it is a universal law that what you give will be returned to you multiplied many times.
' I can't tell you the number of years statements like that bothered me.
It was only recently that I finally 'got it'.
For example, I used to read and listen to advice about finding happiness in something I didn't like.
My greatest fear was that if I started acting happy in this situation - acting as if I was truly enjoying myself - then wouldn't I get more of this situation?
  • Your kids are more annoying than ever...
  • Your business is dwindling...
  • Your health is failing due to stress...
YIKES! Who in their right mind could do these things? Adding to my confusion was this seeming paradox: "Give WITHOUT expectation of a return" and "Create WITH expectation knowing that it is already done.
" About a week ago, I had an "A-Ha!" moment.
Now I had read and heard this logic many times before, having been a student of personal development for so long.
But I knew I really understood it this time because I heard the words coming from my own mouth as I told my wife, "Don't expect the good you give to come back to you from the same source to which you gave it.
Have faith that what you gave WILL come back to you, but it will most likely come back in a form and from a source that you least expect right now.
And it will most likely be something even better than what you gave originally.
" Yup, something about teaching and preaching that lets you know the seed is planted, sprouted and taking root inside.
Are YOU afraid to be happy? Are you like I was, thinking that if you try to make yourself happy in a situation you don't like, you will get more of that situation? Here's where the light goes on - you get what you give.
Remember, you are giving happiness - NOT the situation! So when you give happiness, expect that happiness WILL return, most likely in a form and from a source that you least anticipate right now.
Understand? That means happiness will NOT - CAN NOT - bring you more of the situation that makes you unhappy.
Rather, it will replace that situation with more of what will make you happy.
It's the same thing we learn about habits - we don't break bad habits; rather we replace old habits that no longer serve us with new and more useful ones.
Think on these things and you'll soon see that there aren't any good reasons to be afraid of happiness.

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