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The Effects of White Sapphires

    Vedic Lore

    • Vedic lore comes from the region surrounding the Himalayas, India, Tibet and other countries. The white sapphire is associated with clear seeing and visions. There is a story about the demon god Vela, who was torn apart by demigods. As his body fell, it shattered into millions of sapphires of a range of colors. These tumbled down to areas such as Sri Lanka, where sapphires are mined to this day.


    • Believed to be a side effect of the powerful magnetism and magical properties of the sapphire, these stones are said to be able to heal the body. Drawing away poison is a common attribute of sapphires, including white ones. The 14th century scholar Chevalier Jean de Mandeville stated that the sapphire was good at healing the inside of the body, and Wolfgang Gabelchover, a writer from the medieval period, used the sapphire to cure venomous bites.

    Catholic Mythology

    • In the book of Revelations, the sapphire is the second foundation stone. The book describes the stone in detail and states that "it sends forth, burning, a flash of lightning." This image is reported to represent the hope that people ascend to heaven. Pope Innocent II had his bishops wear sapphire rings as they reportedly elevated thoughts to the celestial realm.

    Astrological Effects

    • The white sapphire, like the diamond, is said to be linked to the planet Venus. As the goddess of love, Venus is responsible for giving love, happiness and prosperity. The white sapphire is reputed to draw these astrological properties to the bearer of the sapphire. Wear a white sapphire in a ring, is said to conjure a happy marriage and attract wealth to the family.

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