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Water Conservation Through Mobile Auto Detailing in Orange County and Los Angeles

Unfortunately California has had an extreme drought for the past three years. Many water reservoirs and lakes show the effects of the drought when you look at how low the water level sits. The state has implemented water restrictions to conserve this precious resource. Many cities have previously banned washing of vehicles at home but there was little enforcement of the law. California has a crisis and cities will start enforcing the laws to increase city revenue while attempting to curb the wasteful use of water. Vehicle owners that have ignored the law will first receive a warning followed by an expensive fine.

People now have the choice of going to a car wash or drive a dirty car. Most car enthusiasts would agree that car washes scratch their vehicles with improper wash methods and undertrained staff. If you are someone that refuses to take their vehicle to the car wash, the professionals at Surfside Detailing are here to help. On average we use less than 5 gallons of water to wash one vehicle. The average homeowner uses 100 gallons to wash their vehicle. We can wash 20-25 vehicles with the same amount of water a homeowner would use. We are able to use so little water by the use of a pressure washer and specialized washing techniques. The water is spot free so we do not need to keep the vehicle wet in the blazing hot sun. The water is purchased from a retailer that is licensed to sell filtered water. Since we provide the spot free water at your location, there are no issues with the laws in your city of residence. We have had contact with code enforcement officers and they agree that we are in compliance with all laws. While conserving water we also are environmentally responsible by allowing no run-off to enter a storm drain. We use such a small amount of water that it evaporates or is absorbed into the parking spot. We've all seen the homeowner washing their vehicle and the small river flowing down the gutter. Imagine how much pesticides, oil, and harmful chemicals are washed into the storm drain. If you feel forced to go to a car wash, try Orange County Mobile Auto Detailing or a local professional mobile detailer who can provide a quality service while conserving resources. We can help you find a local qualified professional in your area.

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