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What is the Best Relationship Mindset to Have After a Breakup?

Having the right relationship mindset is a key factor to improve the relationship you are currently in; and in the worst case, right after a breakup.
Here we will discuss the right mindset you need to have after a breakup if you are serious about getting your relationship back again.
The first thing you will need to do is clear your head of all anger and blame.
Why? What has happened has happened.
If you cannot change the events of a breakup, why let it fester inside of you? This will be counterproductive when planning a strategy to get your ex back.
Acquiring the right mindset will give you the necessary wisdom you will need in getting your relationship back, and it will keep it healthy and strong once you do get it back.
Focus on solutions only.
This one is easy because if you start to replay all of the confusion since the breakup, you aren't focusing on a solution-you are focusing on a problem.
Ever notice that the people who focus on negative things always seem to have more problems? Being solution driven will put you way ahead of the game in relationships.
Be supportive of your partner.
Even though you have broken up, you are putting yourself above those who would only criticize and blame in this situation.
This quality will eventually draw your partner back to you.
Bitterness and condemning will only push them away.
Nobody's perfect.
We all forget this one especially after a breakup.
Realizing that we all have imperfections will give you a better perspective on accepting your partner.
They may not be able to change some of their traits, so stop trying to change them.
However, don't confuse serious issues like drug addiction or violence as a personality trait.
Give each other space.
Right after a breakup, emotionally charged people do not need to be around each other.
This leads to saying things that we will regret, things that can cause even more harm.
It's been suggested to give each other at least a month away from one another after a breakup.
This isn't impossible if you are really serious about getting your relationship back again.

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