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"I Don"t Have Time"

If there was ever a played out phrase heard over and over it is "I Don't Have Time".
People of all walks of life seem to say this.
It doesn't matter what your status in life is, we don't have time.
Many conversations that I've had with friends and family about making it and creating a big dollar career or wealth plan was usually shot down by the age old line "I Don't Have Time".
Redirect into useful energy this thinking that you have no time.
Turn that excuse into a fuel supply.
Make it excite you.
Have it start your engine.
Train your mind to take hold of your thoughts.
Instead you will release unlimited power to propel you like a rocket towards your goals.
In life we come to realize that during our childhood when we did something good it usually had a good outcome.
If you cleaned your room (action) you were usually rewarded by happy parents who gave you some treat (reaction).
For every action there is an equal reaction.
It is natural proven law.
This applies to you.
If anything motivates you, makes your "wheels" spin get that thank you dollar tree to grow in your yard.
Then just like ALL who have succeeded before you, ALL who have what you want, or You, who has ideas of achieving the lifestyle of your dreams will have to EXCLUDE this "I don't have time" excuse from your brain file cabinet.
Why can I say this? Well, we all have proven daily that we do have time.
We are able to make time to manage work, family and friends.
Multi-task a number of concerns like cooking dinner,watch TV, have a drink, make a snack, sit on the couch to take 5 or 10 minutes to relax.
We can do all these things.
It is time that we control.
We have the choice to use this time to further our own personal causes.
Don't let the minutes pass by! We find time to indulge in many things like over eat, stay up late, socialize.
We find the time and energy to see fault or complain.
This powerful line of "I don't have time" is really a special indicator that we really DO have the time but care to not apply ourselves.
When it comes down to developing your future, your awareness of careers, opportunities and dollar making programs coming across your path have to be given top priority attention.

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