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How to Restore Antique Trucks

    • 1). Purchase the owner's manual to your truck. These manuals are readily available from the manufacturer or car dealerships. This is an essential guide for restoring a truck as it shows you all the individual components of the truck and how to take them apart and put them back together.

    • 2). Strip the truck of the interior parts and check for any minor or major breakages. Sand off any rust and chipped paint there may be. Store the parts carefully so you can access them easily when you put it back together.

    • 3). Strip the truck's exterior. Take it apart carefully and follow the same procedure as with the interior. Sand the rust and chipped paint. Consult the owner's manual for precise instructions on how to take it apart. Store these parts separately from the interior parts so you don't mix smaller components by accident.

    • 4). Clean the engine. This is the most difficult part and takes the most expertise. Cover any exposed electrical parts with plastic. Also cover the air intake and carburetor with plastic and secure it tightly with tape. If water gets into these parts of the engine it can cause serious problems. Once you have sealed all the important parts begin cleaning with a small brush to remove larger debris. Then Wash the entire engine with soapy, warm water. Finally wash it down with a garden hose always ensuring that the vulnerable parts are completely covered with plastic.

    • 5). Re-paint the truck. Paint all the components of the car in whatever color you want. You will probably want to use the original color which should be available in depot outlet stores.

    • 6). Reassemble the truck's parts once all of the paint has dried. Consult the owner's manual for the exact specifics of reassembly. Trucks and cars tend to be easier to take apart than put together so take your time and read the instructions carefully.

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