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Shells - How They Can Save Your Business Thousands Of Dollars

So do you have high turnover or wind up printing what seems like dozens of sets of cards each month? Here's a tip you sometimes won't hear about that could save you hundreds, if not thousands per month if you do a lot of printing with your local printer! In the case of business cards, "shells"would constitute the artwork on the card that doesn't change from employee to employee usually consisting of the logo and sometimes background content.
When these shells are run in sheets ahead of time in great quantity, the cost per sheet is greatly reduced, especially onfull color type cards.
These sheets, usually containing 8-10 business cards can be run back through the press as needed from week to week, or month to month, to imprint each new employee information.
And if the imprint information is in black ink only, new laser copiers can be used further reducing costs depending on quantities.
Shells are also commonly used for things like postcards, letterhead, envelopes, and even newsletters!Some of the newsletters you get in the mail that may look specific to one company but are actually printed in bulk with only the company header being different.
This method of printing is worth talking to your print shop and seeing if it can be applied in your specific instance.
I've seen monthly business card bills go from over $2,000per month, to under $500!Wow, see how much you can save!

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