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How to Improve Balance - Your Two Best Exercise Program Choices

If you are not actively trying to improve your physical balance skills, you should.
Maintaining balance and stability skills are important for any age, but particularly as we grow older.
Here are the two most effective exercise programs to develop and maintain your balance...
Why Balance Skills Diminish Think back to when you were a child.
You were a bundle of energy.
Running, jumping, tumbling, doing cartwheels, and so on.
Your physical balance skills were great then, so what happened? Well, even if you're very fit and athletic, balance is a skill that needs work and development.
For example, let's suppose you were a very good basketball player but then stopped practicing the sport for ten years.
If you started playing again, you'd be rusty and it would take time for your skills to return.
And if your layoff was too long, it is doubtful you would ever reach the same skill level again.
The same is true for balance and stability.
Obviously, being stable on your feet is extremely important, not just from a fitness standpoint, but in overall life activities.
When you see senior citizens struggling with these skills, it is a two part cause and effect.
First, it is true all of our motor skills will gradually decline with age.
Second, it is doubtful the person has worked specifically on his or her balance skills.
Bottom line, if you don't use a skill, you will lose it.
Not only do you need the physical capabilities, but your brain must be trained and accustomed to balance your muscles.
In order to do so, you need to train your mind and body consistently.
The Two Most Effective Exercise Programs For Balance Fortunately, there are two widely available exercise programs which will help you maintain your balance skills.
Best of all, they are low impact and help not only your body but your mind.
The first is yoga.
Yoga and balance are closely associated, because yoga works on breathing, mental, and stretching abilities.
All of these are involved in stabilizing yourself.
If you practice yoga twice a week, you will notice drastic improvements in your stability within one month.
Not only is your body working on muscles involved in the skill, but your mind are brain are being trained to perform the activities.
The second exercise program is pilates.
This is a low impact but extremely effective workout.
Many men who are used to lifting weights, running, and participating in sports really struggle with pilates.
There's a reason.
Pilates works the core muscles specifically, with emphasis on stretching your body and developing flexibility.
That is why when you see a person who is dedicated to pilates, they tend to be long and lean versus bulky.
There are numerous balance moves during a pilates class.
Many of the abdominal moves in particular target stability.
Similar to yoga, if you participate in pilates consistently for a month, you will notice a positive difference in your ability to balance and maintain stability.
Summary Both yoga and pilates are ideal training programs to help you maintain and develop balance skills.
Further, you will find you will also become more coordinated with regular participation.
While the style of the classes are slightly different, you'll get a great low impact workout either way.

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