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Get Your Website Listed In DMOZ Open Directory

Getting your website listed with reputable directories can be a challenging task, but it is a necessary one if you want to reach a larger amount of organic traffic.
Organic traffic, of course, are those users, who use search engines and other traditional surfing methods to find your site.
The benefits of getting listed in a directory can mean the difference between a few hundred and a few hundred thousand visitors every month.
While top dog directories such as Yahoo have their own services, many of those services are for sale and as a result tend to favor the deeper pockets.
If you happen to have a good site but little money, you could be out of luck.
Luckily, the DMOZ directory tends to even the playing field.
DMOZ is an open directory that is run by volunteer editors, who individually go through sites by hand to ensure their viability.
With DMOZ quality matters again, meaning that if you place focus on content, where it should be in the first place, your site stands a very good chance of getting noticed by your target audience.
But while DMOZ is certainly a help to sites of all kinds, there are some things to keep in mind as you try to get listed.
First of all, it is a volunteer project, so time is not always going to be on your side.
Patience is definitely a virtue that you will need to have as many sites can sit for months before a pair of human eyes ever see them.
Therefore, cultivating other options is important as you play the waiting game once your site is submitted.
You will certainly want to reach out to your social media contacts on Twitter, run hashtag searches, and develop follower and following relationships with people, who are likely to find your site of interest.
This cultivation will go a long way in helping the directory experts evaluate your site.
If you are already building an audience on your own it can only help how you are seen.
Next, it is important to know which kinds of sites typically do well with the DMOZ project.
Evaluators often rank sites based on areas of interest, and as such, they tend to favor informational and non profit sites.
If yours is a non profit, then it is up to you to make sure that you also borrow a page from those on the informational side.
Visitors love sites that can provide them with valuable information related to their area of expertise, and so do evaluators.
As you submit to the DMOZ directory, keep this in mind and do your best to make your website as informative as you possibly can.

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