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Love Is The Answer

An amazing aspect about Love is that, along with loving everyone, it likes everyone.
It doesn't put conditions and stipulations on your beliefs or my beliefs in order to be liked or loved.
We all get to be precisely the flower we are meant to be, not criticized nor prejudiced against whether growing in an orderly garden or coming up through a cracked sidewalk.
Love understands - better than we ourselves! - our need to be just who we are in order to have the growth we are meant to have.
How well it serves us when we learn from Love's example.
Each of us can have our own ideas, ideals, knowledge, and relationship with the Divine, from our individual perspective...
a perspective which is very different in an orderly garden with water, healthy soil, adequate sunshine, from that of a cracked sidewalk with virtually no water, nor nutrients, nor shade.
How different thinking is likely to be in these disparate situations! Yet Love, ever and always, remains Love, for all alike.
Where There is Great Love There is no greater force, presence, understanding, knowing, or power on earth than Love.
Love takes on so many forms as to be seemingly invisible.
Yet it is everywhere.
Is there any thing or any where we can look and not see the overflowing force of love?Not only in glorious sunsets and starry skies, but in a weed, a gnat, a clod of dirt...
all pulsing with unconditional Love.
If the creative force comes from the Creator, and the Creator is Love, then every single thing that is, has its being in Love.
"Where there is great love, there are always miracles.
" --Willa Cather
Choose Love in Every Moment Nothing can go wrong, even when things are going wrong, as long as Love is being chosen in every moment.
Buddhist teachings revolve around the impermanence of everything.
A delightful experience will pass, a painful experience will pass.
The only thing that we can put in our spiritual pocket and take with us into eternity is the Love we felt, experienced, and created while going through this life of impermanence.
Be In The Moment We are not "alive" in the past, we are not "alive" in the future.
The only place we are alive is in this Moment.
The only way to really reside in the gift of the present, is to be within the protective, eternal, glowing presence of Love.
Whenever we find ourselves woefully in the past or anxiously in the future, come back to the healing balm of This Moment, brought to you by the power and energy, centering and calmness, of Love, where you will recall your truest self, and your highest calling.
"God IS Love.
" --I John 4:8
The Pilot Light of Love Without becoming intimately acquainted with the pilot light of Love burning at one's center, the furnace of full engagement in life cannot be ignited.
What pleasures ceaselessly abound in the light and warmth of Love! Where awe resides, which is a state of active Love overtaking your every molecule, the very blades of grass reveal their pulsating glow of life in the night, the deer comes up to you and touches your ear as you sit on the grass in resplendent meditation.
The wounded human heart becomes whole as you pass the torch of Love.
Your own problems, which seemed so insurmountable, become small and fade away.
All in the warm power of Love.
"Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.
" --Henry David Thoreau

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