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Angry Birds Birthday Party Theme Planning Ideas and Tips for Kids

If you're planning on an Angry Birds birthday party theme here are a few Angry Birds party ideas to help you on your way to creating an awesome party.
With so Many people playing the game there's bound to be a few boys and girls (both big and little) who'll want to have their birthday themed around the game they love to play.
This article offers a few tips for putting together a party to be proud of, without spending too much.
Angry Birds party Invitation Ideas To spread the word about the bird you'll need some great Angry Birds invitations to send out to your guests.
If you're on a tight budget you can save some money by simply making the party invitations yourself.
You can also use this as an opportunity to get your child involved as they can help with crafting out these invitations by drawing and writing personal messages in them.
To make these invitations use card, printed pictures of the characters from the game.
You could also look for invitation templates online.
However if you prefer to have them made there is still the option to purchase custom ones from eBay in a variety of styles ranging from ticket, color in yourself and photo invitations.
Angry Birds Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas The simplest way to get your Angry Birds birthday cake sorted is to have a local baker create a special birthday cake, but if you are quite skilled in the cake baking department you can save a penny or two by simply making the cake and decorating it to suit your theme.
To give your cake that special finish you could use one of the cake topper sets available which tend to consist of building blocks, the slingshots and the characters.
These sets are great for creating a scene on your cake top and can be used to make a playable birthday cake.
Another very easy way of decorating your cake is with edible cake images, you'll find a bunch of edible cake images being offered by sellers on eBay.
These are simple to apply and gives a professional finish.
Angry Birds Party Decorating Ideas For decorating your party area think about using theme colors which in this case would be the colors of the birds and green for the evil pigs.
Using party decorations like balloons, party streamers and confetti in these colors will make your party area look vibrant.
Also consider including official party supplies such as the Mylar character party balloons and posters both of which are available from online stores.
Angry Birds Party Games For party games and fun why not create your own slingshot game by using plastic cups or building blocks to make a structure for the pigs to hide in and then using a toy slingshot to sling miniature plush Angry Birds toys to knock down the setup.
There are also a number of official board games available such as the "knock on wood game" or the "bean toss game" which would be a lot of fun for guests to play at the party.
Don't forget to play piñata, you'll find a variety of custom Angry Birds piñatas from many sellers on eBay.
As an added activity you could print of coloring pages available free from a number of sites.
Just have crayons or colorings pencils alongside them and watch as they have fun coloring in their favorite characters.

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