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Gandhi Before The Indian War For Independence

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born to Karamchand Gandhi who was a high official on October 2 in Porbandar a coastal town.
Even before he led the movement that would grand India its freedom Gandhi has a led a very interesting life though I doubt anyone would believe it that he would become the one who saved India from the British.
Gandhi's mother was a very devout follower of Jain which was a philosophy of none violence.
This was a very big influence on the young Gandhi who adapted many of the Jain's beliefs about none violence.
Another big influence on his outlook on life was how much he loved stories.
Especially stories that had virtuous heroes.
Later on he would claim that several times when he made important decisions he pretended to be one of the great heroes from the stories he read.
When 13 years old he was married to the 14 years old Kasturbai Makhanji in an arranged child marriage which was very popular in that region.
At the time Gandhi didn't really care about the marriage he just enjoyed an excuse to eat candy and play with relatives.
However even after the marriage as was part of the customs the bride still lived with her parents for a time after that.
His first child came when he was 15 years old though it died in infancy.
He would later on have 4 sons.
During high school and middle school Gandhi had only average scores.
He was able to pass the test to attend college but with great difficulty.
He was very unhappy during this time because his parents had told him that he would become a lawyer when he grew up.
Only a month before his 19th birthday he traveled to London to study law at the university college London.
Before that he was made to swear that he wouldn't eat meat by his mother and also wouldn't consume alcohol.
This troubled him because until he was able to find a vegetarian restaurant all the vegetables were awful.
He however did adopt and try out many European customs.
Ironically it was while in London that he became more interested with the Hindu religion from a brotherhood in London that studied Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.
He also was very interested in Christianity.
In June 1981 he returned home.
He then learned that his mother had died while he was in London.
After that he tried out at various jobs until deciding to go to south Africa for a year.
While in South Africa he faced a lot of racism.
This racism made it nearly impossible to get to south Africa.
After he got there he stayed for longer then he originally intended.
Once he got there he began to resist racism against Indians using political methods to get rid of various laws and bills.
It was also here that for the first time he put into practice the idea of none violent opposition.
He won more often when he used none violent methods then when used political methods.
There is a lot of controversy about other things he did in south Africa.
For instance he wrote several articles where he stated that he thought that the black people were dirty uncivilized animals and that the Indians were superior and that white people were even more so.
He played a role in the Zulu wars he thought that by joining the army it would help Indians attain full citizenship.
However he was unable to convince the British but was able to convince them to allow the Indians to form a volunteer group of medics.

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